Friday, April 18, 2014

Track News; Weekend Schedule...

Rolling Wheels has announced a 5-race schedule, including 4 dates for the big-block modifieds (1 Super DIRTcar Series race, 2 "open" shows, and the 'Win and You're In' event during Super DIRT Week). Despite the new schedule, Mike Mallett reports that the deal is still not dead involving the new owners. announced that the new owner of Cornwall Motor Speedway will be Raymond Lavergne. Ron Morin, who's owned and operated Cornwall Motor Speedway over the last three decades and built it into one of the premier facilities in modified racing, will continue to handle track preparations and work as an advisor for Lavergne.

Here's a look at this weekend's schedule...

4/18 Big Diamond Raceway (Opener $3,000 to win)
4/18 Lernerville Speedway (Opener)
4/18 Accord Speedway
4/18 I-88 Speedway (Opener)
4/18 Albany-Saratoga Speedway (Opener)
4/19 Mahoning Valley Speedway
4/19 Grandview Speedway
4/19 New Egypt Speedway
4/19 Five Mile Point Speedway (40 laps $2,500 to win)
4/19 Sharon Speedway (Opener)
4/19 Canandaigua Motorsports Park (Opener 64 laps $6,400 to win)
4/19 Delaware International Speedway
4/19 Mercer Raceway Park ($1,000 to win)
4/19 Lebanon Valley Speedway
4/19 Orange County Fair Speedway
4/19 Fonda Speedway
4/20 Bridgeport Speedway (RoC Dirt Tour)

I hope you all have a very Happy Easter!

Monday, April 14, 2014

McCreadie/Haers Team Up for Jan Corcoran Memorial; Win List/Car Counts

Justin Haers has announced that he will field a second car for this Saturday's $6,400 to win season opener at Canandaigua Motorsports Park with Tim McCreadie behind the wheel. This will mark McCreadie's first modified start of 2014.

Here's the updated win list...

Matt Sheppard- 3 (Volusia, Fonda, Five Mile Point)
Stewart Friesen- 2 (Volusia, Grandview)
Ryan Godown- 2 (New Egypt, Big Diamond)
Billy Pauch- 2 (New Egypt- 2)
Justin Haers- 1 (Volusia)
Andy Bachetti- 1 (Orange County)
H.J. Bunting- 1 (Delaware)
Ryan Watt- 1 (Bridgeport)
Kyle Fink- 1 (Mercer)
Jeff Strunk- 1 (Grandview)
Doug Manmiller- 1 (Grandview)
Donnie Corellis- 1 (Lebanon Valley)
Tim Hindley- 1 (Orange County)
Tommy Meier- 1 (Orange County)
Kris Graver- 1 (Mahoning Valley)

Here's a look at the car counts thus far in '14...

4/6 Orange County Fair Speedway (Short Track Super Series)- 59
4/6 Big Diamond Raceway (Big Blocks $7,500 to win 40 laps)- 38
4/5 Grandview Speedway (Opener)- 36
4/13 Five Mile Point Speedway (RoC Dirt Tour 100 laps $5,555 to win)- 36
4/12 Fonda Speedway (Opener)- 35
2/19 Volusia (Opener)- 34
4/12 Grandview Speedway (Twin 20s)- 34
2/20 Volusia (Regular Show)- 33
2/22 Volusia (50 laps $5,000 to win)- 32
4/5 New Egypt Speedway (Opener)- 28
3/22 New Egypt Speedway (RoC Dirt Tour)- 27
4/12 Bridgeport Speedway (Opener)- 26
4/12 Lebanon Valley Speedway (Opener $3,000 to win)- 25
4/12 New Egypt Speedway (Regular Show)- 22
4/12 Orange County Fair Speedway (Opening Night Small Blocks)- 22
4/12 Orange County Fair Speedway (Opening Night Big Blocks- 20
4/12 Mercer Raceway Park (Opener)- 19
4/12 Delaware International Speedway (Opener)- 17
4/12 Mahoning Valley Speedway (Opener 40 laps $1,000 to win)- 12

Weekend Recap

Mother Nature forced two more cancellations, but gave us a beautiful Saturday and Sunday allowing for a fairly busy weekend of racing. Here are the top-5 finishers from the weekend...

4/11 Results

Big Diamond- Rained Out
Accord- Rained Out

4/12 Results

Orange County Fair Speedway (Opener plus Small Blocks)
Big Blocks
1st 1H Tim Hindley
2nd 33 John Lieto
3rd 97 Jerry Higbie
4th 21 Clinton Mills
5th 19 Chuck McKee

Small Blocks
1st 33 1/3 Tommy Meier
2nd 93x Craig Mitchell
3rd 21m Bob McGannon
4th 51 Brian Krummel
5th 16x Danny Creeden

Mahoning Valley Speedway (Opener 40 laps $1,000 to win)
1st 28 Kris Graver
2nd 454 Kevin Graver
3rd 5 Ricky Yetter
4th 38 Mike Stofflet
5th 58 Jeff Parker

Delaware International Speedway (Opener)
1st 85 H.J. Bunting
2nd 62 Matt Jester
3rd 90w Beau Wilkins
4th 30 Jamie Mills
5th 33 Brad Trice

Bridgeport Speedway (Opener)
1st 14w Ryan Watt
2nd 16s Eric Kormann
3rd 0 Richie Pratt
4th 5 Jimmy Horton
5th 51m Dom Buffalino

Mercer Raceway Park (Opener)
1st 66F Kyle Fink
2nd 58 Lonny Riggs
3rd 88 Shawn Fleeger
4th 19w Rich Whitney
5th 1m Makayla Guidace

Fonda Speedway (Opener)
1st 9H Matt Sheppard
2nd 93 Danny Varin
3rd 1J Bobby Varin
4th 42p Pat Ward
4th 24 Jeremy Wilder

Lebanon Valley Speedway (Opener)
1st 57 Donnie Corellis
2nd 74 J.R. Heffner
3rd 20 Brett Hearn
4th 10 Lorne Brow
5th 98s Kolby Schroder

Grandview Speedway (Twin 20s)
Feature #1
1st 46 Doug Manmiller
2nd 1c Craig Von Dohren
3rd 19 Jordan Umbenhauer
4th 4* Jeff Strunk
5th 87 Eric Biehn

Feature #2
1st 4* Jeff Strunk
2nd 33 Ray Swinehart
3rd 37x Tommy Scheetz
4th 85K Kyle Follweiler
5th 357 Frank Cozze

New Egypt Speedway
1st 1 Billy Pauch
2nd 71 David Van Horn
3rd 747 Ryan Godown
4th 15 Billy Pauch Jr
5th 81 Willie Osmun

4/13 Five Mile Point Speedway (RoC Dirt Tour 100 laps $5,555 to win)
1st 357 Matt Sheppard
2nd 98H Jimmy Phelps
3rd 1 Stewart Friesen
4th 55 Anthony Perrego
5th 119 Brian Malcolm

RoC Dirt Tour 2013 CHAMPION: Stewart Friesen

I'll have the updated win list and car counts posted later today.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kristyak Returns; Planck and Morey Team Up; Brewerton Pushed Back; Weekend Schedule

Veteran Tommy Kristyak has announced that he will return to the cockpit this Saturday night at Mercer Raceway Park. The Western PA star and multiple-time track champion will compete weekly at Mercer Raceway Park with select BRP Modified Tour appearances also on the schedule.

C.G. Morey will unload a second car for Dale Planck to run at this Saturday's opener at Fonda Speedway.

Brewerton Speedway has pushed back their season opener 2 weeks due to wet grounds. The track will now open May 2nd.

Here's a look at this weekend's schedule...

4/11 Big Diamond Raceway (Opener $3,000 to win)
4/11 Accord Speedway (Opener)
4/12 Mahoning Valley Speedway (Opener 40 laps $1,000 to win)
4/12 Grandview Speedway (Twin 20s)
4/12 New Egypt Speedway
4/12 Bridgeport Speedway (Opener)
4/12 Delaware International Speedway (Opener)
4/12 Mercer Raceway Park (Opener)
4/12 Lebanon Valley Speedway (Opener $3,000 to win)
4/12 Orange County Fair Speedway (Opener plus Small Blocks)
4/12 Fonda Speedway (Opener)
4/13 Five Mile Point Speedway (RoC Dirt Tour 100 laps $5,555 to win)

(Five Mile Point on Sunday will crown the 2013 RoC Dirt Tour champion; event was postponed from November.)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Quick Weekend Recap

Here's a quick look at the top-5 finishers and updated win list after this past weekend...

4/5 Results

Grandview Speedway (Opener)
1st 357 Stewart Friesen
2nd 66 Duane Howard
3rd 88D Meme DeSantis
4th 53 Mike Gular
5th 21K Kyle Weiss

New Egypt Speedway (Opener)
1st 1 Billy Pauch
2nd 747 Ryan Godown
3rd 29 Sammy Piazza
4th 71 David Van Horn
5th 91 Rick Laubach

4/6 Results

Big Diamond Raceway (Big Blocks 40 laps $7,500 to win)
1st 747 Ryan Godown
2nd 4 Jeff Strunk
3rd 21E Erick Rudolph
4th 26 Keith Hoffman
5th 91 Billy Decker

Orange County Fair Speedway (Short Track Super Series)
1st 34 Andy Bachetti
2nd 94 Tim Hindley
3rd 97T Danny Tyler
4th 86J Danny Johnson
5th 2a Jeff Heotzler

Updated Win List
Stewart Friesen- 2 (Volusia, Grandview)
Ryan Godown- 2 (New Egypt, Big Diamond)
Justin Haers- 1 (Volusia)
Matt Sheppard- 1 (Volusia)
Billy Pauch- 1 (New Egypt)
Andy Bachetti- 1 (Orange County)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Weekend Schedule

Let's hope Mother Nature let's us go racing this weekend. Here's a look at this weekend's schedule...

4/4 Big Diamond Raceway (Big Blocks 40 laps $7,500 to win)
4/5 Grandview Speedway (Opener)
4/5 New Egypt Speedway (Opener)
4/6 Orange County Fair Speedway (Short Track Super Series)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mother Nature Sweeps Weekend; Mohawk & Humberstone Release Schedules; Tidbits

Two races were on this week's schedule, and both fell to mother nature. Bridgeport Speedway's "60 Over Special" event for the RoC Dirt Tour was scheduled for Saturday, but rain forced the event to be postponed until Sunday, April 20th. The race will also now be shortened to 44 laps.

Sunday was scheduled to be Big Diamond Raceway's season opener, but it too fell victim to rain, forcing the points-opener to be rescheduled for April 11th.

Fonda Speedway and Mercer Raceway Park have also postponed races for this weekend. Both, Fonda and Mercer were scheduled to open up the season this Saturday night (April 5th), but now both tracks will open their points season on April 12th.

Mohawk International Raceway and Humberstone Speedway have released their schedules. Both schedules, along with all postponed events, have been updated on the master schedule.

Skyline and I-88 sportsman star Nick Nye has announced a move up to the modified division. Nye will focus on weekly competition at I-88 Speedway.

Jordan Siri, who also ran a sportsman last season at I-88, tentatively plans to kick off the season aboard a modified at I-88. Look for Jordan's father, Tyler Siri, to make a full-time return to the Super DIRTcar Series this season.

Justin Haers will enter a second car for the Jan Corcoran Memorial scheduled for April 19 at Canandaigua Motorsports Park. Look for an announcement to come as early as today on the driver.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Godown Dominates New Egypt; Harpell is Back; Van Pelt Lands Ride

Racing finally returned this weekend after the weather forced cancellations and postponements of a number of events. The RoC Dirt Tour kicked off their season with 27 big-block modifieds filling up the pit area at New Egypt Speedway for the "Cabin Fever 60." It was Ryan Godown who charged to the front and dominated the feature event. Here's the top 5...

New Egypt Speedway (RoC Dirt Tour)
1st 747 Ryan Godown
2nd 91 Rick Laubach
3rd 86 Danny Johnson
4th 357 Matt Sheppard
5th 1 Stewart Friesen

Black Rock Speedway made headlines as Dan Harpell has announced he will take over the lease to the track. Harpell, who was in charge of Five Mile Point Speedway for many years before turning the track over to brother Andy, promoted a RoC Dirt Tour event at Black Rock a few seasons ago. Don't expect many changes for '14, but Harpell claims to have big plans for next season.

Mike Mallett announced via that multi-time Woodhull Raceway Billy Van Pelt found himself without a ride after Kevin Chilson sold out following the 2013 season. Van Pelt has teamed with Grant Hilfiger for weekly competition at Woodhull in 2014. Van Pelt will also run select specials, with Hilfiger having a second car for himself to run. Van Pelt announced earlier in the season a deal to run select races at Ransomville Speedway in a second Ryan Susice entry.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Chrysler Hires Rudolph; Daugherty Moving Up; Let's Go Racing!

Erick Rudolph recently made headlines as the defending 358 DIRTcar Series champion has been announced as one of 21 contract Super DIRTcar Series drivers for '14. Now, he's landed a big-block ride for some additional racing. Rudolph has been hired by veteran Randy Chrysler to run a car for the team in select RoC, Super DIRTcar Series, and Short Track Super Series races. Chrysler, who himself will run a schedule similar to last year, has fielded cars in the past for veterans like Danny Johnson and Chad Brachmann in the past. Rudolph will still pilot his family-owned #25 weekly at Ransomville and Canandaigua, and will follow the 358 DIRTcar. The Super DIRTcar Series will see Rudolph split the schedule up between Chrysler and the family team.

Woodhull Raceway sportsman track champion Chris Daugherty joins an impressive list of sportsman stars making the jump to modifieds in 2014. Daugherty will continue to call Woodhull Raceway home.

New Egypt Speedway says all systems are good for Saturday's RoC Dirt Tour "Cabin Fever 60". It's been a month since Matt Sheppard won down in Volusia, now it's time to get back racing! Jimmy Horton is the defending winner of the race.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Woops! Hansell and Cozze Still Together; Black Rock Cancels 4/6; Tour Drivers

Frank Cozze and Norm Hansell have NOT parted ways. Cozze will continue to run the Norm Hansell 357 weekly at Big Diamond and Grandview. Cozze will still have the Rick Clay 88c for big-block specials. Stewart Friesen will run a second Norm Hansell entry at Big Diamond, while Matt Sheppard will run regional specials for Hansell.

Black Rock Speedway has cancelled their April 6th modified show. The modifieds will not return to Black Rock until October 25-26.

Chuck McKee and Rich Ricci have announced that they will follow the full 2014 Short Track Super Series schedule.

Pat Ward, Erick Rudolph, Carey Terrance, and Keith Flach have all announced that they will join the list of full-time Super DIRTcar Series drivers in 2014.