Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Johnson Brothers News; Syracuse Update

We now have confirmation that Danny Johnson and Tyler Siri have parted ways. Johnson still has his own #27J small block modified, which he will run at Canandaigua and select 358 specials, and will run a specials-only schedule with the Mike Petruska 66 team, including Super DIRT Week. Expect to see Tyler Siri do some end of the year traveling with his own team.

Alan Johnson, on the other hand, is still with Kenny Saya Racing--although they may be done for the 2013 season. After multiple engine failures, the team is down to just 1 big-block in their shop, and hope aren't sure if they want to risk blowing that one.

Now, onto Super DIRT Week, which is just 7 weeks away. Both Bobby Varin and Chad Brachmann have announced they will run Syracuse with special teams, and there are quite a few teams that could potentially have openings with Super DIRT Week approaching.

Jake Spraker Racing: Spraker was hoping to run Syracuse with Bobby Varin after parting ways with Stewart Friesen, however, Varin had already committed to the new team he will be racing at Syracuse with. Spraker has not run Syracuse since 2008 with Varin, but has the equipment. Despite a slew of calls from desperate drivers, Spraker will more than likely be in Varin's pit stall helping out. If he'd choose to field a car, expect J.R. Heffner to land the ride.

Nick Noll Racing: Noll has been quiet this year, but always seems to show up at Syracuse. Kevin Bates has driven the car the last few years, but Noll had conversations with Billy Pauch Jr about returning to the car earlier in the season. I haven't heard anything in regards to this car, so expect Bates to return.

Gary Mann Motorsports: Mann had his equipment ready to tackle with mile with Jerry Higbie, but Higbie left the team a few weeks ago. Mann has tabbed Anthony Perrego as the driver of the 55 for the rest of the year, but Perrego will not be running the car at Syracuse. The team may sit out Super DIRT Week this year, but Mann don't count out Mitch Gibbs from landing this ride. He ran very well for Mann at Syracuse in the past, and Gibbs and Mann remain good friends.

Here's a look at the updated Syracuse big-block and small block rosters... still have a lot of driver's to talk to, so don't be alarmed at the current number...

Big Blocks
? Bobby Varin (Team has not yet chosen a number)
? Chad Brachmann (Team will not be announced until Tuesday of Super DIRT Week, number will not be 3)
0 Dan Humes
1 David Hebert
1H Tim Hindley
2 Ronnie Johnson
3 Justin Haers
5 Jimmy Horton
7 Rick Laubach
7z Dale Planck
8 Rich Scagliotta
9s Matt Sheppard
10 Tim Currier
10v Billy VanInwegen
14 Brian Swarthout
16 Lance Willix
20 Brett Hearn
21a Peter Britten
21m Bob McGannon
22c Mario Clair
32c Vic Coffey
34 Andy Bachetti
35 Mike Perrotte
39 Tim McCreadie
42p Pat Ward
43 Keith Flach
44 Stewart Friesen
48too Dave Rauscher
49 Billy Dunn
51m Dom Buffalino
56 Vince Vitale
57 Donnie Corellis
66 Danny Johnson
66x Carey Terrance
74 Tim Fuller
91 Billy Decker
98 Eddie Marshall
98H Jimmy Phelps
99L Larry Wight
115 Kenny Tremont
816 Jeff Rockefeller

Small Blocks
01 Chris Raabe
1 Stewart Friesen
1H David Hebert
3 Chad Brachmann
3A Kevin Albert
zero3 Zach Aubertine
5 Jimmy Horton
6 Mat Williamson
14 Brian Swarthout
20 Brett Hearn
22c Mario Clair
34 Andy Bachetti
39 Clement Therrien
42p Pat Ward
45 Wayne Jelley
64 Daniel Nadeau
66x Carey Terrance
74 Matt Billings
74 Tim Fuller
76 Jimmy Blewett
76a Ronnie Johnson
91 Billy Decker
94 Tim Hindley
99L Larry Wight
115 Kenny Tremont
323 Neal Williams

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